Monday, February 7, 2011

Instant Valentine's Day Meal!

The Valentine's Day meal is always a conundrum. Going out sounds ok, but it's actually the worst night of the year for eating out (I remember once leaving a restaurant on V-Day because my entree hadn't arrived after two hours of waiting. Being murderously hungry is not romantic). But the alternative, eating in, usually means someone has to cook, and unless you're a culinary wizard this option is fraught with risk.

That's why, for Los Angeles foodies celebrating the big pink and white day, Saveurs is your savior. Saveurs has a heralded and deserved reputation for amazing French cuisine that's ready to heat and eat. Right now, it's offering a special V-Day menu (duck confit, anyone?) for two. That's four glorious courses, perfectly prepared and seasoned, ready for you to heat up and serve proudly as your own. Imagine: delicious finger sized appetizers (ideal for popping into one another's mouths), a perfectly gorgeous and sophisticated mache salad, the aforementioned duck confit (or another entree like grass fed lamb stew), and a chocolate fondant cake for dessert. Yum!

Order now and order fast, since they're only accepting orders through the evening of February 9th. It's $100 for two, or $140 for dinner with a bottle of champagne, a total deal for better food (and service) than anything you'll find out there in the V-Day fray. Go to the Saveurs site now and email them with your order.

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