Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Necklace Indulgence

Normally, The Toad isn't a big funky jewelry person. I'm a lazy jewelry person, who wears the same nice, tasteful pieces day in and day out, even to special occasions. However, with the current jewelry trends leaning big and artsy, this piece caught my eye.

This pyramid necklace, a limited edition piece, is cool, organic, and a bit mysterious. Carried by the half blog, half retail site Of A Kind (a really well thought out site that you should visit constantly, just to read about whatever the Of A Kind people think is cool, because it probably is cool), this is not your ordinary adornment. A handmade wooden pyramid enrobes a chunk of pyrite, also known as fool's gold. What does this mean? And what kind of statement are you making if you wear it, or if you give it someone? Is there energy to extract, wisdom to be found from fool's gold? Or, is all that energy and effort simply a fool's errand? Perhaps I'm reading a tad too much into a basic piece of jewelry that would really spark up a plain tank top and linen drawstring pants. This is what happens when you give a Toad three cups of coffee.

At $134, this is a gift for someone you like a lot, and know their tastes backwards and forwards. Find it (and tons of other incredibly cool items) at Of A Kind.

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