Thursday, November 29, 2012

Presents That Present

When in gifter doubt, here's a suggestion: go for the kitchen display item. A well made and elegant tray makes a gift most will love. The reason? Trays are versatile items. Currently, I have a tray under my coffee maker and grinder to corral any mess, a tray under three little pine trees I picked up as holiday decor (thanks, Trader Joe's), and a tray holding various items on my coffee table. The genius of this is, in a matter of seconds, I can switch them over to holding cheeses for a party, organizing incoming holiday cards, or as part of a buffet. Trays are hard workers.

Here's the best trays (and cutting boards, which do double duty as trays) I've found.

A Marimekko tray: It's Finnish, or Swedish, or something Scandinavian anyway. And those people have taste. This one is both clean and modern, yet folksy and woodsy. Plus, the plastic makes it super tough. The price isn't bad, either. At Finnstyle starting at $28.
It's a peaceful woodland scene, right on the dining room table.

Kaleido Tray: This isn't just one tray, it's a whole spectrum of them. These range in price from $16-$78, depending on size, so you can design your own configuration. So pretty! These are powder coated steel and not intended for food, so scrap the fromage plans. At A+R.
Use your creativity to create your own display puzzle.

Lostine Bagette Board: For some reason, these look vaguely nautical to me. Or, they look like something designed to paddle unruly British schoolchildren in the days of old. Whatever. Fashioned in Philadelphia of sycamore and food safe milk paint, these rustic yet clean lined boards are the ultimate bread and cheese display items. At Home Remedy NYC for $108.
Break bread or paddle unruly children: your choice.

Wud trays: Made of either walnut or maple with your choice of colored edges, these David Rasmussen Wud trays morph styles from Craftsman to post modernist. And they're totally food safe. I could see one left out on a table, holding some persimmons. At The Shop in East Liberty for $62.
This Wud does not include a woodchuck. Sorry.

Teraforma Anise Serving Board: Asian inspired, this double sided serving board gives you a neutral and a dark side to match decor and mood. Made of laminated Swedish birch wood, again food safe. At YLiving for $38.
Add some Wabi Sabi to your holiday cheer.

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