Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Psychedelic Toile

What are these noble people doing in the vivid Francoise woods?
The Toad is always hopping around looking for the strange and unusual, especially when it relates to home decor. And one of the hardest things to find for a home is a really good, really different throw pillow, one color and verve but lacking prissiness.

Speaking of prissiness, I've always felt toile, with its snooty French origins and sedate color ways, falls into this category. I'm always impressed when someone, like Richard Saja, for instance, finds a way to elevate a traditional design material like toile into a fun piece of decor. Thus, I present the Frankentoile pillow. Each pillow is pieced together from different toile elements and colors (some traditional, some decidedly not), and turned into a rather psychedelic French country tableau. I simply love it, particularly because each Frankentoile pillow is unique. Throw this puppy onto a modernist couch or sectional and up the design ante considerably.

Frankentoile (I just love writing that) is an 18x18 pillow for $160, putting its price point in line with items of far lesser quality; I think it's something of a deal. That being said, it's still a luxury item, so buy for a giftee with caution (or just buy it for me). At The Future Perfect.

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