Monday, November 26, 2012


We all scream for tagine!
There's always some culinary wunderkind on your list, the one who knows how to use those grains of paradise in your spice drawer (I'm still waiting for this information), and who makes preserved lemons from scratch (pretty easy, in fact). This person is a beloved food source but not the easiest of giftees.

If your budget allows some busting, let me recommend this uber modernist Revolution tagine by Revol. Unlike other, more fragile or fussy versions, this tagine withstands everything from induction to oven to microwave, freezer, and dishwasher without complaint or worry. It'll turn humble chicken, olives, spices and that annoyingly homemade preserved lemon into a masterpiece. Plus, its super sleek design means it'll look good just sitting on the countertop.

What's not to love? The price. At $300, it's steep. So this isn't a casual acquaintance type of gift, because you want to be invited to all the dinner parties this tagine inspires. At Dwell.

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