Friday, August 9, 2013

Instant Landing Strip

Hang your keys or an unruly small child from the Walhub's handy hooks.
In my never ending search for home efficiency, I've recently turned my toad focus to the landing strip. You know what I'm talking about (wipe that smile off your face; it's not that landing strip), the area right inside the door where all your going out stuff congregates: your keys, his/her keys, your jacket that never makes it into the closet, your phone, and, in my case, aerial odds and ends like socks. It's a damn mess, all the time. And unless you have some ultimate foyer, it's likely to remain that way unless you take action.

Barring construction for a hall closet you can't afford, or buying some Abstrackt/Malm IKEA thing it'll take an army to assemble, your options for a landing strip are sadly limited. So, when I ran across one small affordable step in the strip solution, I was thrilled. The Walhub faceplate fits over the existing switch plates in your house (hopefully, in your entryway), and turns any light switch into a mini storage unit for keys or a small purse (one even has a slot for storing outgoing mail). Venerable modernist mecca A+R featured the Walhub at the Dwell show in L.A. recently, to great acclaim, but of course I needed to try it out. Sure enough, the thing makes a difference. Between the Walhub and some hanging hooks inside the door, I might be able to create foyer order out of cluttered chaos.

The best part? These brilliant space savers start at $16. When's the last time you bought anything innovative and stylish and useful for just $16? Try never. At A+R.

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