Monday, August 12, 2013

Landing Strip, Part Deux

Sure, they look simple, but these Gym Hooks store stuff in style.
Yes, I know. You thought I was done with my neurotic quest for order in the foyer. But I wasn't done.

After I installed the fantastic switch plate I wrote about in the last post, I realized it wasn't quite enough to keep my clutter corralled. Thus, I turned back to the venerable A+R for another solution: the Hay Gym Hook. These hooks look simple, but function in multiple ways. You can hang a heavy bag on it, while looping your scarf or sweatshirt through the middle of it. They come in lots of pretty colors (I chose the natural wood, but if I were hanging more than one I'd do a combo). And they're beautifully, sturdily designed and easy to hang. After installing the Gym Hook, my belongings look organized and deliberate, not a pile of junk abandoned in a heap.

These hooks run around $35, which might seem steep, but this is a case of getting exactly what you pay for. Worth it! At A+R.

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