Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kid Decor with Class

It's not just a pretty flower. It can live, forever fresh and lovely, on your wall.
Lately, I've seen these tv ads for some company called Fathead, selling really obnoxious wall decals. I don't like the ads, or the particular decals it pushes, but I did think the idea of instant decor was a good one. Especially for nurseries and little kid rooms, where you might want to make a big fun splash, but maybe don't have the time or money for a mural or insane theme room (or maybe you don't want to look at it while you're stuck in that room for hours with a newborn).

So then I looked around and found Wallflower. This company offers wall decals you really can live with for a long time. They will not offend. And there's scarcely any cheese in sight, although the overpriced lions come dangerously close to dairy territory. I mean, just about anyone would like a photorealistic giant flower, or butterfly, or even a seashell stuck on the wall. There's also these fascinating abstract splashes of liquid that have some decor potential; although a toddler might get the wrong idea and start hurling drinks at the walls to add her own artistic statement.

The real plus is that these decals start at under $50 and peel on and off easily. That means no mural painter, no DIY stencils, and no smelly fumes in a kid's room. The dahlia above is about $95, and an entire wall decal will set you back a grand, which might be too grand for your progeny. At Wallflower.

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