Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Groovy Candlelight from Dwell Studio

Oh, we covet shiny things.
The Toad gets many catalogs and covets many things in them. I particularly like the goods in the Dwell Studio catalog, although many of the prices make me feel ill. I mean, no, I'm not handing over 200 clams for a "creature box," no matter how charming and quirky the creatures atop it might be.

Still, there's some good and accessible stuff buried in that pricey catalog. Take these Converge votive candle holders in brass, for instance. They look like they could be vintage, found gracing some '70s bachelor pad, but they still have that minimalist, modernist edge I like so much. Plus, as the days get shorter, there is a need for attractive candlelight to blunt the painful reality that winter is coming. Not to go all Game of Thrones on you, but it's true.

At $38, these votives are an excellent gift for a hostess or casual birthday. Light em up and get groovy. At Dwell Studio.

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