Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Time Goes 24: A Different Clock from The Thing

What time is it? Do it now, quick!
Most of us have gotten lazy, timewise. So accustomed to the digital on our nightstands and phones, even reading a regular clock can take a half second longer than it should. And time as a concept deserves more scrutiny than the digital. I could go really crazy here and start quoting Pink Floyd all over the place, but that would just be aging and embarrassing. I'll spare us both.

Anyway, the rather cutting edge artsy magazine and object subscription service The Thing has just released its latest product/project, a 24 hour clock designed by artist Tauba Auerbach. First off, the clock, in white with gold classic Roman numerals, is beautiful. It would lend itself to almost any decor. But, between its 24 hour format and the Romans, it forces you to slow down and actually examine the clock in order to tell the time. It also might be an excellent way to torture a child just learning to tell time (just in case you're hard up for sadistic amusement opportunities).

The clock is for sale alone, for $120. And a quarterly subscription to The Thing (an amazing present for an artsy friend or relative) goes for $240. Pick and choose at The Thing Quarterly. You'll never see time as just "ticking away the moments that make up a dull day." See? I couldn't resist.

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