Monday, September 30, 2013

Paper Shuffle No More with the Japanese Multi-Notebook

Aw, the doodles you'll draw.
Perhaps it's the start of school, or the fact that there's about a billion projects going on at the Toad Abode, but I've found myself drawn to paper. And not just ordinary legal pads (which are practical, and completely have a place), but something that might wrangle all the inspirational brilliance deep thought has to offer.

So, of course the Japanese have invented it: the Multi-Notebook. Inside this ordinary looking notebook boasts six different types of notebooks in one, ranging from the normal lined to graphing, blank, essay and more. Did I mention it's all in one, so you can haul it around and always have the correct format? Can the "Notes" section of your smartphone deliver that? No, I didn't think so.

This is also excellent for students and bored executives during endless meetings (perfect for advanced doodling). And, at just $10, it's a pretty sweet deal for such innovation. At ThinkGeek.

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