Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crabby Bouquet

So Valentine's Day is over, leaving me with a half-eaten two pound box of See's Candy and one fat ass. I did not receive flowers (then again, I didn't ask for any, so no complaints there). But for the people who did, this vase is an excellent after Valentine's gift.

It's the crabby bouquet. Literally a vase with a "fiddler" crab on it, ready to hold those soon-to-be-wilted icons of love. Yes, what makes flowers so precious is that their beauty is fleeting. That also is what makes them annoying; just when you think you have the flowers looking perfect, they have to go south on you. Constant work. Thus the crab. It's there whether the flowers are in their glory or not, making an affirmative statement for crustaceans everywhere. Stick a thistle in it and you've really got something.

Check out Mr. Crab (and a host of other, less volatile vase choices) at www.jmendicino.com. He'll add a pinch of levity to all your arrangements.

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