Monday, February 15, 2010

Lemon Bar O' Soap

Los Angeles flora is always confused. It's the middle of February, and the citrus trees are mistakenly pumping out lemons and limes as if it were high June. My Meyers are multiplying with no end in sight.

But not everyone in the country is blessed with such wonky weather. Most of those poor souls are freezing to death and possibly dying of vitamin D deficiency plus scurvy. That's where these awesomely realistic lemon bar soap bars come into play. They look real and smell pretty convincing, but they're made of lovely glycerin and goat milk soap formulas, to soothe winter blasted skin. Imagine one in your arctic dwelling friend's kitchen, evoking lazy days of summer, cookies, and lemonade. The sunny yellow will lift anybody's cold weather blues. She'll thank you.

Find these little lemon bars of soap at And, as an added bonus, you could send some real lemon bars, too, just to keep more senses alive until spring arrives. Try them from

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