Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gimme Candy

As if the last half-assed Valentine's Day entry wasn't bad enough, I'm about to subject you to even MORE V-Day goods. Here's the secret: it doesn't matter that it's bad for you, or that you're on a diet, or that it makes you feel sick, because everyone loves candy.

More specifically, everyone loves See's Candy. Yes, there are fancier brands out there, imported from la-di-da and featuring hand milked butterfat and organic nuts from sustainable plantations. Yes, I suppose it's possible to go all self-righteous and be responsible with the chocolate goodies. But I'm telling you that See's old-fashioned, no-nonsense, slightly salty candy is superior. The mouthfeel is exquisite, the taste lingers on the tongue. And, when you buy your love a box this big, it'll linger for a long, long time. This is a honking big box of chocolates, enough for many search and destroy missions in front of the TV, either looking for or attempting to avoid the cherry cordial. Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water and my fingers itch to wrap around this box of joy and cart it off to a quiet corner. Sugar time!

Pay no attention to the gasps and protests. Candy is good for the soul. Order this almost everlasting supply of it at And notice: I spared you the obnoxious and useless heart box! The Toad is always considerate.

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