Monday, February 1, 2010

Soft, Not Scaly

I've seen many sites pushing the crocodile bag this season, but I don't need one because my entire body feels like a big crocodile (hard, scaly and bumpy, NOT very Toad-like). And if I'm feeling this disgusting, chances are friends are, too. The Toad feels a gift coming on...

Normally, I'd push for a scrub/mini-massage at the local Korean spa, but that's sort of pricey and an indulgence. What's just the ticket is a body scrub, performed in the privacy of one's own bathroom, at night, alone, with preferably low light. For this purpose, I choose Carol's Daughter Sweet Honey Dip Chocolate Brown Sugah Scrub. First off, it lacks things that are bad for a body, like parabens, artificial colors and scents, and petro-chemicals. Second, it's sugar rather than salt based. While either crystal will work for sloughing off stuff in the buff, salt is far more likely to sting those delicate areas, particularly if freshly shaved. This should be a pleasant experience, not torture! Plus, it smells so good. Like dessert. And men and women both love the smell of dessert.

A big tub 'o scrub runs about $34, but will last the rest of winter. Find it (and other scrubs) at And think soft, never scaly.

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