Friday, February 19, 2010

Drawing to a Conclusion

Life is stressful. Many people advise meditation, but sitting still and trying to quiet my mind usually leads to an anxiety attack. I find that a focused activity, such as drawing, really does the trick (and trust me, the Toad is no artist).

If this de-stresser works well for a hoppy amphibian, it'll work wonders for friends and family. But first, the right tools are required. Many say pencils are the ticket, but I like the voluptuous quality of ink and color. Thus, these amazing Faber-Castell artist pens. They're designed with pliable brush tips that move quite a bit like paint brushes, but with the control and precision of, well, a pen. And they're available in handy "wallet packs" of shades of grey, landscape colors (pictured), and something called Terra (imagine Vermont in the fall). They're just a pleasure to draw with, easy to transport, and allow for inventive cross-hatching and shading. After a drawing or two, pulse rates plummet and breathing is easy. Whether the product is easy on the eyes is up to individual proficiency levels.

A caveat: these are NOT markers for kids! Children will not appreciate them and they will be ruined in short order. So give a set of these and a lovely portable pad to your favorite stress ball. Order from You might even end up with something nice to hang on your wall.

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