Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You know what that stands for? Save Our Furniture. Because potential furniture destruction always exists whenever a party rages. You know what I'm talking about: moisture rings covering your precious wooden heirlooms.

Coasters are the ticket. But so many coasters are, well, lame. They're ugly, or bulky, or just seem stuffy (sort of like covering living room furniture in plastic). These coasters, however, are cool. Just a shadow of those lame coasters. Seriously, they are shadows, but usually of a different variety than the actual glass. In this case, it's a shadow of a soda can, complete with straw (there's also a coffee mug version, although I believe it's currently sold out). As guests imbibe, these coasted will confound. And they're flexible and in basic black, so no lameness here.

At just ten bucks a four-pack, these make a swell hostess gift. So, Save Our Furniture at

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