Monday, February 22, 2010

Office Frivolity

Remember the olden days, when companies lured you in to their hallowed halls with free sodas 24/7 and arcade games in the lounge? Well, wake up, because those perks are long, long gone. You and your friends are lucky to be gainfully employed, and don't you forget it. But that doesn't mean that there's no office fun to be had.

Like this portable air hockey set. Yeah, ok, it totally sucks compared to the full-sized model that was repossessed last year and hauled from the premises. But it has a fan, is battery operated and can be easily hidden in a cubicle, then busted out once the boss takes a breather. 'Cause hey, you might be lucky to have the dumb job, but the job's not lucky enough to have you stay on it if the cat's away. Gotta get those thrills where you still can.

Find this lilliputian arcade version at At $30, it can entertain your office space confined buddies for hours of company time.

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