Monday, February 1, 2010


Like it or not, sports season is in full swing. And even if you hate every single minute, every "down" and "out" and tushie-shaking cheerleading twit, you might still have to watch it. Or even be invited to a party, to which you will be expected to bring a gift.

The Toad thinks this handy dandy chips and dips bowl set is just perfect. Just imagine: you saunter into the party, homemade (or purchased, Toad won't tell) dips and gourmet chips in hand, this bowl set ready to rumble. The Toad's amphibious mate, of male gender, finds this gift "silly." You know why that is? Because, as a sports watching male, Toad doubts he's EVER placed chips or dip into any receptacle, nor had to transport it to and from the kitchen to the media area. His biggest beef was that the dip bowls interfered with the chip capacity. Toad says: get off that sports watching ass and refill your chip bowl already. Jeez.

Anyway, these bowls are stylin'. And good for playgroups of kids, too. Find the set at Because it's always the season for multi-tasking snacking.

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