Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Name it Stanley

As in Stanley Steamer. With such a heavy emphasis these days on healthy food prep, a steamer is a must. But, with most steamers, comes hot metal, burns and awkward food removal. Until this thing's arrival, anyway.

Ok, its name isn't really Stanley. It's actually called a FoodPod, and it's made from food grade silicone. To use, the happy dieter stuffs it with the food of choice (the picture boasts broccoli) and hangs or lowers the thing into simmering water. While it looks vaguely like a rubber chicken or some misplaced internal organ, Stanley here is really the height of culinary practicality. And for a friend or lover bent on reduction, it's a kitchen must-have.

Stanley comes at a decent price, too: around fifteen bucks. It's available at one of the Toad's favorite sites, Give this silicone steamer a home today; Stanley adds personality to any kitchen.

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