Monday, February 8, 2010

My Greasy Valentine

It should be fairly obvious by now that I'm somewhat obsessed with dry skin. A scaly epidermis might be unavoidable this time of year, but we should all fight the good fight. After all, flakes are not sexy or comfortable. And what better a Valentine's gift than smooth, sexy skin?

Although this isn't a beauty blog, some products are wonderful enough to garner a Toad recommendation. This Goe body oil is one such product. If you think about it, finding a truly great body moistener is always a problem. Lotions go on well, but seem to lose their efficacy fast. Body oils are simply a greased up mess, leaving one like an oiled hog for the rest of the day. But Goe is quite different; it's a solid body oil. It squeezes out of its tube as a soft balm, then gets warmed between hands before smoothed everywhere. There's no nastiness in this product, like parabens or petroleum based formulas; just tons of different types of excellent oils. And it smells like a light, lovely tropical breeze (but not in a heavy sort of way. Toad does not like strong scents, and she loves this).

In terms of Valentine's Day, Goe is ideal for massage. And who knows where that could lead. Find it at and get ready to slip and slide.

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