Monday, November 8, 2010

Act Like a Child

In today's bizarre parenting universe, expectations of children have gone haywire. Either we indulge in "self-esteem building" exercises and praise everything they do, or we give them the crowded agendas of fully grown adults and expect them to cope. Neither is correct.

So, here's a guide to being immature. Seriously, it's The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, devoted to silly childish activities embraced everywhere. Requiring very little fancy equipment (most immature tricks are self-powered), this book encourages kids to practice the fine art of getting a grass blade to squeak, faking a creditable sneeze, and other ridiculous (and maybe annoying) past times. Feel free to participate in the action yourself, or close the door and leave them be. It makes a killer birthday present for a child who perhaps takes life just a bit too seriously.

The charms of this book, of course, depend on your tolerance for silliness too. I mean, in my household we find farts funny, so I guess we're pretty immature already. This guide to goofiness is just $19.95 at Young Explorers. 

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