Wednesday, November 24, 2010

iPhone: Doing it Old School

I've been waiting and waiting for an iPhone case fun or cool enough to feature on Toad. Most of them have just been a shrug. Then again, I suppose the iPhone 4 is also a shrug... or a curse. Mine is a curse. I have saddled it with an unprintable name, and the thing is always making my life miserable by hanging up on people and spontaneously dialing other people without my direction, permission or knowledge.

But just because my iPhone 4 is evil doesn't mean they're all bad. I'm sure there are some which behave beautifully. And, after all, all the 4s do need cases or they don't get any reception. After much searching, these retro iPhone 4 cases are the best and wittiest ones around. Featured at right is the cassette tape version, but they're available in other equally archaic forms, like Nintendo. They do what every iPhone 4 case is supposed to do: protect it from harm, allow the antennae to work, and keep dirt off the back. At $45 bucks a pop, they're a bit pricey, but you're paying for pure Japanese style here, so I guess sucking it up is in order.

You can find these classic tech cases at Gizmine. I will not be purchasing one, since I'm afraid that sometime soon that $&#*R will be thrown from my speeding car, exploding upon impact with Beverly Blvd.

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