Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cutest Mail Ever

Every year around this time, the packages and cards come flying in. Most of the cards look the same: photographs of the usual suspect with printed messages (we try to say something funny and bizarre every year).

What if you could send something that really stands out? Check out the World's Smallest Postal Service from Leafcutter Designs. These lilliputian letters are sent directly from the site to the recipients (they'll do bulk mailing for your holiday cards as well as service to select people). They are, as you can clearly see, absolutely adorable. If you don't mind skipping the bragging rights picture, this could be the right holiday card/message solution for you. Plus, they offer tiny packages, too (brown paper, tied up with string). You choose the tiny toy and message in the box, and they send it out. How cute is that?

Go to the Leafcutter site and check out this tiny mail. It's the most adorable way to cut down on paper resources and cut down less trees.

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