Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Pretty Squirrel Necklace

The holidays are about to hit you right between the eyes. Are you ready? The Toad's here to help you shop online, shop affordably, shop creatively, and make the most of this frenzied time.

Jewelry buying is always a hard one. I'm not talking about fine jewelry your significant other might buy you, I'm talking about more quirky stuff for a funky friend or aunt, someone whose taste runs to the ultra cool or bohemian, and isn't going to be happy with anything found at the mall (then again, if you read this blog, you're probably not happy with much at the mall, either). I'm rather partial to Haoshi's Animal necklaces. Each pendant is cast in resin, then beautifully wrapped in a black box decorated with mini black roses. The squirrel is featured here, looking ready to find every nut (and you know there's a ton of those gathered at your house for the holidays). There's other animals, too, like elephants (for a Republican?), giraffes, frogs, and a delicate deer.

This is an unusual piece of jewelry that's also impervious to punishment. You could even match the animal to the giftee, as an animal totem of sorts. Find this little zoo at A+R.

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