Thursday, November 4, 2010

A House We Can All Afford

One of the great holiday traditions is making a gingerbread house. Unfortunately, I've never participated in this great tradition, since my baking skills are only so-so, and my construction skills are at a rudimentary preschool block level.

But, my inadequacy shouldn't deny my child one of the holiday season's offerings, right? I was flipping through the King Arthur Flour catalog (yes, they do sell flour, lots of flour, but they also sell all things baking), and I came across this Gingerbread House Making Kit. And get this: there's NO baking required! It's the ultimate cheat, with pre-baked and shaped gingerbread, a special tray to hold the structure steady, and tons of icing and candy. Because you know, your kid doesn't care about the shaping and baking part; he just wants to dress it up and eat the candy.

You won't need to take out a second mortgage for this house. It's just $16.95. That's a bargain for a full afternoon of messy, sugary fun. Find it at the venerable King Arthur site.

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