Sunday, November 28, 2010

Portable Scent Solution

You know what I've always found puzzling? The perfume "recommendations" in magazines or on beauty blogs. Scent is so intensely personal that unless you know precisely what someone wears, buying a giftee a random scent is too big a gamble. Especially since I loathe almost all perfume, sans one which I consistently wear (and which, I admit, I have recommended on this blog, figuring that if a fusspot like me could stand it, so could others).

So forget buying perfume. But, you could buy a giftee something to take perfume on the go. I've tried various portable atomizers and have never been impressed. This portable perfume vessel is different. It's designed as a tiny roll-on (like Bonne Bell), and is so small and sleek and stylish you'll want to carry it around. Choose from a bunch of colors and give them out to your girlfriends. They'll love you for it.

These streamlined anti-spritzers are just $38 a pop, which is a pretty decent price point for a unique and stylish gift. Find them at Mollaspace. And, just in case you're interested in what a scent-a-phobe can tolerate, I wear Menthe Fraiche by Heeley (sort of smells like minty green tea).

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