Monday, November 22, 2010

Pictures in a Snap

It seems like every child I run into these days is interested in photography and video. Even little kids. The idea of documenting and displaying reality (or manipulating it, thus turning them into little con artists) holds great appeal for the youngsters, and it sure beats grandma following everyone around with her camera.

So I very much like this digital camera, not just because it's easy to operate, but because it's so specifically kid themed. I mean, come on, it looks like it's been built out of Legos. How cool is that? The effect is at once playful, iconic, and delightfully geeky. After all, we all know an adult who's held rapt by a Lego set. Give this camera to a kid, and they'll be occupied all the way through the holidays. And since an adult is presumably in charge of the computer, it should be easy to weed out those embarrassing shots the child is sure to capture (you stepping out of the shower, for instance).

This camera, at $75, is a bit pricier than some other kid models. But it's about a hundred times cooler, too. Find it at Fred Flare.

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