Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Stuffing

Yes, I know you were hoping for some fancy or famous Thanksgiving stuffing recipe, but you're SOL. I like to cook, but I'm not a Thanksgiving food fan. All that famine food still tastes of Pilgrim desperation to me, no matter how much you dress it up, gourmet style.

No, I'm talking handy and useful stocking stuffers here. Stuffers for kids are easy: throw in a marshmallow gun and a couple of candy bars and you're fine. Adults, though, require some attention. Items should be useful but still well-designed, things grown ups might use and appreciate, though wouldn't think to buy. This year, Container Store has turned out to be an excellent source. Take these bag caps, cleverly designed to corral all the open bags of food you have in your pantry, keep them fresh, and make them easy to pour (for super simple access to those christmas M&Ms). Or, a fingertip holder clip for yanking those hot plates out of the microwave (yes, I know those plates aren't supposed to get hot, but try telling that to the person who just burnt their fingerprints off on a microwaved plate). And, if the fingertips do sizzle, an old-fashioned ice bag soothes and heals (and I bet these bags work better than that bag of frozen peas that gets slapped on every wound over here at Toad Hall).

Any of these things would be a great stuffer, eventually much appreciated by an adult. Add a good book or too, and you're done with the good stuffing. Check out all the possibilities at The Container Store.

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