Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee = Love

Now there's a simple equation for you. Everyone blathers on about the Valentine's Day evening and how great and romantic it all is, with the crummy restaurant service and too much wine, and then in the morning it's like a herd of cows stampeded through your mouth, and all you can think of is "coffee." Ah, romance.

That's why this is such a great, if slightly pricey, V-Day gift. Meet the Presso, a beautifully designed and manually operated espresso machine. Just pack the coffee area tightly, pour hot water in and press it down. Or, get your partner (who presumably is there dealing with his/her own herd of cows) to press it down for you, while you get to watch the chivalrous effort and bulging biceps. The real gift, of course, is the excellent espresso, nectar of the gods, at the end of this process. Did I mention the Presso is easily portable, so you can take it to a hotel for the weekend? Plus, when it's unfurled, it looks strangely like a uterus, which seems appropriate for at least half the recipients of a V-Day gift (I don't really know if that observation is a value added, but I had to say it).

This is, as I mentioned, a spendy gift: $150. But it's way more useful than flowers or candy, and it's an energy efficient product to boot. Check it out at Presso. And give some caffeinated love.

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