Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Simon Will Travel

This is going to age me, big time, but do you remember Simon? The computer game (computer is stretching the term) came on the market just after Pong, and it seemed like a huge improvement. Simon, basically, had you imitate its lights and tones, preferably into infinity. It seemed advanced at the time, but now even a one year old who operates the TV remote could play it.

Which, I think, is sort of the point. Simon was a simple (some would say stupid) game that anyone could master. And now it's been released in a miniature form, on a keychain. Forget the sitting around in a circle, watching the original frisbee sized toy hoot and holler. Now you can hold lilliputian Simon in your hands, operating it as easily as sending a text. Your kid will love it, especially the toddler set. And the droning tones from the backseat will transport you right back to childhood, staring at Simon, wondering what other magical toy would emerge from the wonders of computing. If only you'd bought Apple stock then.

Find the tiny Simon at Perpetual Kid. He's just ten bucks for at least ten minutes of retro fun.

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