Monday, February 7, 2011

Prehistoric Love

I've been seeing commercial after obnoxious commercial recently, pushing horrid diamond heart pendants upon unsuspecting women. This is wrong. If you're going to give jewelry for this silly Valentine's Day, make it witty, please.

Like these dinosaur pendants. No, they are not encrusted with diamonds (although there are gold versions of them, for more moola). They cannot be worn to the opera, or a wedding, and they might not be considered everyday jewels. But they're so cute. Little silver T-Rex or Brontosaurus, just hanging out eons after extinction. Such a gift just screams, "My love for you dates back to the Jurassic," and what's more romantic and well meaning than that? Plus, it's sure to get comments and compliments from the playground set (and those kids sure do know fashion).

The silver versions of these pendants are just $70, not bad and way better that anything a generic jeweler has to offer. Did I mention that the metal is all recycled?  Find them at Turtle Co. They're the epitome of Big Love.

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