Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Creepy Valentine

Do you have an edgy love? The sort who revels in the macabre, the strange, the offbeat? If that's so, then no ordinary Valentine gift will do; you'll have to go that extra creepy mile.

So check out Sweety. This creepy candy headed creature is from Kid Robot, that bastion of Japanese coolness. Everything at Kid Robot is admittedly pretty weird, but our little Sweety here is a Toxic Candy, which makes her particularly appropriate for old V-Day. There's nothing like a present that, if it were in edible form, could kill you and your love forever. She's definitely making a statement here.

This might also be a good Valentine's Day toy for a teen, especially given the braces and all. Find Sweety the Toxic Candy at Kid Robot. And give someone the creeps.

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