Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Arrangement

No, this isn't your ordinary Valentine's Day arrangement. But hey, if you were ordinary, would you be reading this blog? I think not.

I realize that earlier this week I posted another cactus arrangement, but that one was crocheted and inanimate. This one, fashioned by the Garden Tarts at my favorite garden store Potted in Atwater Village, is prickling with life. Each cacti arrangement is customized by the venerable ladies at Potted, complete with desert diorama flair. They're cute, but sinister. They're alive, but very very difficult to kill (good for those purple thumbed lovers in your life). And, as long as your recipient lives in the LA area, the Potted people will deliver the drought resistant offering to the door of your choice.

The cost? Roughly the same, or even less, than some roses that will wilt in days. Check out the assortment of lasting beauty at Potted now.

1 comment:

The Twin Coach said...

Those are so clever! What a great find. I, of course, have STILL not gotten my husband anything for V-day so thanks for the cute idea!