Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Something Fishy for Spring

Ok, spring isn't officially here yet, but I know that everyone is longing for it and is so very tired of winter. So, what could be better than adding a bit of pseudo nature to the decor?

You've seen all sorts of animals hung on walls, both real and facsimiles. I myself have a gigantic cardboard moose head hanging in my TV room; he adds whimsy, particularly since he looks as if he's watching the TV, too. But this cardboard fish trophy is even better. I've often seen those taxidermied fish displayed on walls, and somehow a stuffed aquatic creature seemed even more obscene than a warm blooded one. How does one preserve scales, anyway? Well, if you buy this big old bass, you won't need to ponder those questions anymore. Mr. Limpet is ecologically and ethically sound, an utterly humane piece of art.

Cast out a line to Pop Deluxe and order him for your room of choice today. He might make an excellent green housewarming gift as well.

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