Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling Sheepy

Life might get totally complicated and strange, but one thing's for sure: babies keep on being born. And when they arrive, they (or their beleaguered parents) demand gifts.

Here's a wonderful baby gift that won't break the bank. It's a "snuggle mat," which is basically fancy talk for a small half rug/half stuffed animal that the baby can abuse. When I saw this, I realized how nice it would have been to have it when my daughter was a baby. The scenario: I get her out of the bath, she's all clean and sweet smelling, and I lay her down on the rug for some "naked time." Next thing I know, she's rolled like a little log off into a corner, still perfectly happy, and peed. This mat might not have preventing the pee, but, with its fluffy head and elevated surface, might have kept her from doing alligator death rolls into the far reaches of the room. Anyway, it's also really cute and way more padded a surface than a blanket. And who doesn't think sheep are adorable?

At $55, this is a gift that looks more expensive than it is, and serves double duty as padding and stuffed animal companion. Find it at RSH.

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