Monday, February 28, 2011

Hopping Through Dorkville

Ok, so I admit that sometimes I post stuff just for my own amusement. And this is, at least partially, one of those times.

Just get a good look at this stunning selection of matching Easterwear for boys from The Wooden Soldier. Take it in slowly. Then picture the clueless three year old boy, minding his own business, who's suddenly stuffed into this outfit and made to go out in public. Imagine the humiliation. He's wearing a bunny rabbit sweater and a cap with a carrot on it, for god's sake. With of picture of this tucked away in a family album, it won't matter how many sports he plays in the future or how tall he becomes, because this image will always lurk, waiting to ruin his credibility. I have a feeling the boys' clothing from this catalog has destroyed many a young man's dreams of maturity.

But perhaps I'm being too harsh on The Wooden Soldier. While the boys' clothing is heinous in the extreme, some of the girls' stuff is sort of touchingly retro, in a charming goyische kind of way. There's something reassuring about a catalog that still sells petticoats and purses disguised as Easter baskets; it's nice that some girls will still tolerate this rather than opting for t-shirts emblazoned with "Porn Star" on them (I kid you not: I saw a kid in L.A. wearing one once). 

Check out The Wooden Soldier for your own amusement; it's sort of like Chasing Fireflies, but without any irony whatsoever.

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