Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shine A Green Light on Valentine's Day

In theory, I support green products, but I rarely feature them, mostly because many of them are pure marketing without the actual greenness to back them up. But this candle is different, and would be a wonderful V-Day surprise for your environmentally conscious boy or girl.

Called EkoMiko, the candle is designed as a dual green and romantic statement. Actress and activist Izabella Miko sourced every element for this candle, seeking out the greenest companies to create the wax (coconut based and good for massage), the wicks, the holder (made from a recycled wine bottle), and the box (from the printing to the cardboard it's printed on). A lot of thought, energy and work went into these candles, both from an environmental and utilitarian standpoint. For Valentine's Day, it's a present that lights  your evening, perfumes your air, and gives you some luscious coconut wax to rub all over each other. And you'll know all the while it's guilt free. What's not to love?

Each candle burns for 50 hours, which should be sufficient time to declare your adoration. Find them, and read more about them, at EkoMiko.

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