Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Original Child's Play

When it comes to kiddie decor, I admit to being both fussy and jaded. I don't like Disney. I hate themes. I truly loathe plastic. So, when I come across kid furniture and decor that's fun and original, I jump to promote it.

Take a gander at this Groovy Whale Rider from One Happy Robot, for instance. All kids love rockers, but most of them are pieces of junk (or are too flimsy to support a child; I recall a zebra rocker my kid received for her first birthday that was a study in instability). This rocker is sturdy and so original; it's the first rocking whale I've ever seen, and the colors are bright and fun. One Happy Robot offers lots of furniture and decor options (the owner will even customize items), and the prices are very reasonable. What wonderful original baby gifts these pieces would make.

Check out the wares at One Happy Robot. You could give some lucky kid a rocking good time.

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