Friday, October 30, 2009

China Syn-Gnome

It's no great secret that I feature a fair amount of gnomish (gnomic?) merchandise on this blog. You see, whether it's in the garden (I have a garden gnome holding, incongruously, a fish) or in your living room (Starck Gnome table, anyone?), I think a gnome delivers humor, irony and funk in one winsome package.

So here's a new gnome. If you haven't figured it out by now, he hails from China. Yeah, I know, gnomes are from Norway or some such Nordic place. China is for dragons and crouching tigers. But this guy is so... bizarre. He's not exactly plump. He's not exactly welcoming, although he is holding a magic mushroom. And he's dressed up like Chairman Mao. He's also a stuffed shirt, so I wouldn't place him in the garden. Perhaps on the couch as a throw pillow. If you think he'd tolerate that sort of treatment. Don't be surprised if you find the house pets gathered around him one fine morning for a session of healthy self-criticism.

Order this guy for the gnome fan in your life. He'll add something new and different to the decor. At

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