Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo DIno

Often technology, which starts out as a miracle, ends up going the way of the dinosaur. So be it with Polaroid camera technology. Once the party fave for quick candids, it's been replaced by the uploadable, retouchable, totally accessible and distributable digital camera (aka, your phone).

That's why this ceramic ware Polaroid camera is so ideal. It's like a fossil record of film technology. Because, let's face it: the only thing a Polaroid camera is good for anymore is as a paperweight. So give this facsimile to your favorite camera buff for display purposes only. It can sit as evidence of progress, a concrete memory of past parties, and a reminder that, eventually, all good things gather dust (some far more attractively than others).

Find this photo dino at www.shoptwine.com. And then take a good, hard look at your iPhone. It might, someday, end up atop a mantel too.

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