Monday, October 19, 2009

Cozy Comfy Texting

We don't suffer from this affliction in sunny Los Angeles (where the mercury rarely descends below 65 degrees), but in NYC, Philly, Seattle, and virtually everywhere else, digits get COLD. And what do cold digits lead to (besides possible frostbite)? They lead to lousy and inaccurate texting (possibly WORSE than possible frostbite).

Enter Freehands gloves. They masquerade as ordinary, indeed utilitarian gloves (no ultra-soft deerskin here with cashmere lining), but the index fingertip lifts off for instant phone operation. It's such an elegant solution to such a 2009 problem. Now, your commuting friend can brave the frigid east coast streets in comfort, knowing that they can text, tweet, and otherwise communicatively annoy others in a flash.

Plus, Freehands are a great gift because they're not pricey, simply innovative. Sometimes you don't have to pay a load for great design. Check out all the finger tapping options at

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