Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Gems

Normally, I think birthstone type jewelry is an abomination. Some low rent, low quality ring or pendant, stuffed with some reject stone and pawned off as being of birthday-specific importance. Yuck. Who wears those things, anyway?

Well, perhaps with this latest find I stand corrected. October's birthstone is the very pretty and dainty pink tourmaline, a glittery semi-precious gem. It could look like something only Barbie could love. But check out this lotus necklace by jewelry artist Margaret Solow. Crafted of five petal like pink tourmalines and 23 karat gold beads, this little flower looks more sculptural than silly. The pink verges into a more sophisticated purple shade (so fashionable this fall). And, at under $200, it's a fabulous present for your favorite Libra or Scorpio. Lovely, really.

Find this October surprise at And if the lotus doesn't strike your fancy, OK has loads of other beautiful choices.

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