Friday, November 6, 2009

Fit for a Goddess

Jewelry is sometimes a tough sell. That's probably because it's extremely personal and often expensive. But every once in a while, I find a piece that could fit the bill for the goddess in your life.

The moon goddess, that is. This Kalevala necklace hails from Finland, and is based on Viking designs of moon goddess jewelry (the exact name of this moon goddess isn't mentioned, but my guess is that it's probably virtually unpronounceable). It has a heavy richness that's ethnic without being overly crunchy, and is a welcome change from all those run-of-the-mill Hamsas and peace signs. And it's fashioned of brass, which gives some of the warmth of gold without the golden price tag. This necklace is perfect for many women, particularly older ones who wear larger jewelry. An added plus: it's obscure enough that no one else within a 500 mile radius will sport one.

Shoot for the moon at And if this necklace isn't quite right, check out all the other jewelry options.

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