Monday, November 23, 2009

Hairy Holiday Present

If you're a neatnik, you might want to skip this post: it'll give you anxiety willies for weeks to come. But for those who embrace the chaos and the slob inside us all, this could be the perfect holiday gift.

It's a hairball. Not, fortunately, the sort of hairball Kittykins coughs up at midnight, but the type of hairball most of us might find lurking under our furniture (like I said, the anal compulsive need not apply). This particular hairball cooperates as a decorative piece that'll pretty much affix to anything. Pin it to a blouse, stab it onto a cloche, dangle it off a keychain. This hairy masterpiece looks like it might've just hitched a ride. And casual insouciance is a look four out of five slobs prefer. It's particularly appropriate for the teenager with questionable housekeeping habits.

So yeah, it's gross. But funny. Just don't use it as a stocking stuffer. It looks a little too much like lint leftovers from the dryer instead of a gift. At

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