Sunday, November 15, 2009


In case you hadn't noticed, here come the holidays. And with them is that table setting nightmare. You (or your hostess) doesn't have enough napkins or tablecloths. Paper is NOT an option. What to do?

Take a gander at these Mydrap napkins and placemats. Notice something different? They come in a roll, like wrapping paper, but with perforated edges for just yanking apart. They're available in all different colors and sizes, from petite cocktail to mondo dinner. And, best of all, they're actual cloth and washable! That means you can keep rolls of real cloth napkins on hand, wrinkle free and ready for action. The price is pretty impressive, too: try about $25 for 25 napkins. That's unbelievable. Sure, it's not the best linen available, and you probably wouldn't break out the Mydrap for a formal dinner soiree, but for a family Christmas buffet gathering, why not?

Check out all the sizes and colors at It'll help you wipe one item off the holiday slate.

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