Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Much for That Birdie in the Window?

Many people live in climes not able to support avian life during the winter, thus migration. But, for those of us living in a so-called Mediterranean climate, birds are with us year round. And, boy, are they hungry.

Enter this fabulous bird feeder. This clear globe attaches easily to any of your windows, giving you up close and personal looks at birds pigging out on your dime. It's a wonderful way to familiarize you and yours with the many species frequenting our skies and gardens, making it a wonderful educational gift for the whole family. I'm not sure if it's squirrel proof, especially against our ultra-bad urban meanies, but at least it's an opportunity to watch the mockingbirds and the rodents fight it out.
A word of warning: do not post this feeder over any surface you care about, as it will soon be covered with poop (while the feeder itself is dishwasher safe, your patio pavers aren't). Find it at Bird seed is extra.

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