Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Give a Bronx Cheer for Target and Missoni

Poor Ms. Missoni better be a good sprinter.
It seems as though Target's been pushing its Missoni collaboration for like a year now, rolling out a publicity juggernaut in every magazine and blog in the known universe. The predictable result: a bunch of heaving shoppers sweating in their anticipation of cheap China made goods dressed up to look like heirloom quality Italian goods. If only Target could have followed through on its promise.

You see the picture of that glamourous woman, dressed head to toe in Missoni for Target? She's pulling down her glasses and staring in disbelief at the raging crowd running at her to tear those bargain basement Missoni togs from her fleeing body. In a minute, she'll be ducking into the nearest Venetian canal and sliming her poly blend knits just to escape the madness. Seriously, I heard the scene at most Targets was one of total chaos, as amateur and professional shoppers alike stormed the place, scooping up every chevron stripe they could find. After it all disappeared from the Target shelves, it magically reappeared, at brand new magically elevated prices, on Ebay. What a crock.

Don't believe me? Go to the Target online store and check out what's left. It's one sad little assortment. That cute cut rate Missoni flower rug I was thinking of getting for my daughter's room is long gone, now being sold on Ebay for the price of a silk Tibetan magic carpet. I say "boo" to this. And an extra long Bronx cheer for Target, for creating this nonsense in the first place. Go buy real Missoni and skip this b.s..

And that's what The Toad has to say on this subject. The End.


Christina Simon said...

What a disappointment for those looking to pick up Missoni at Target. I didn't even try to go there!

Anonymous said...

My sister and niece showed up at 8 a.m. and endured multiple elbows in the stomach, all for a few nice scarves. I myself do not understand the madness.

Jill said...

Ha ha. Yeah, I got a few sad things that were left online. I'm ok with it though. I've been seeing all over and am kind of over it.