Monday, September 5, 2011

A Snowglobe for All Seasons

I know, I know: you're wondering if The Toad has finally given in to the holiday pressure. It is totally ridiculous, seeing Halloween stuff on display in July, and Christmas in residence by September.

I admit that I could have waited to post this piece, but I just loved it too much. Besides, this might be a snowglobe, but it has nothing to do with any holiday I know of.  LigoranoReese has created a line of these blizzarding spheres based upon the Seven Deadly Sins. These hilariously useless objects proclaim your sin of choice in blissful good cheer. I would strategically place Gluttony in the kitchen, reserve Lust for (where else) the bedroom, and give Greed away to my richest friends. These globes, besides being funny, are beautifully made (no el cheapo souvenir store crap here) and should be treated as art objects, not toys.

 At $125 each, these globes are a bit of an investment. Find all seven sins (thus the sins of your choice) at Artware Editions.

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