Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ring My Bell

As an L.A. native, I confess little to no experience with the bicycle as an official mode of transportation. The urban cyclists here are taking their lives in their hands the moment they roll onto the road, since this has to be one of the worst biking cities in the nation. Children and bikes, however, are a different story entirely.

I'm all for kids riding bikes and scooters and what have you around here, even though it's on the sidewalk and thus annoying (kids need exercise, after all). What every child needs in her two wheeled arsenal is an adequate warning system, which is why Dring Dring bicycle bells are such an awesome gift. Hand painted with animals, or sports equipment, or flowers, or whatever, Dring Dring bells add a touch of whimsy to a bike or scooter. Plus, they give a decent warning to innocent pedestrians. But don't just limit these to bikes, how about sticking one on your stroller? Seriously, the stroller brigades around here could use some bells (they're already loaded down with drink holders and bag hooks and what have you).

Anyway, at $24 a pop, Dring Dring bells are an affordable and fun gift. And the tinkly, old fashioned sound they make is far preferable to "hey you, get out of my way." At Dring Dring.

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